It’s high time I put out an update!

The big news is that I have finally released Folding Paper.

It’s currently iPhone / iPad only, and it has its own website at

When it has filtered through Apple's content delivery network, it will be available here.


I’ve been working on this thing approximately forever, and according to my todo list I had approximately forever left to go. So I’ve extracted the smallest piece that can be polished up and offered to the public, the minimum viable product if you must, and turned it into an app.

What’s in:

  • Animating through the classic origami models
  • Printing out paper instructions (with the crease pattern and any decoration)
  • Emailing instructions and patterns
  • Adding extra packs of models
  • iPhone / iPad version

What’s not in:

  • Free-form folding
  • Automatic diagramming
  • Decorating models
  • Any sort of game
  • Windows, Mac, whatnot

I intend to add the first three when I’m satisfied with the quality, and release them as purchasable add-ins.

The game mode will probably never see the light of day. I’ve been struggling with it since the start of the project, but the pure paper simulation has always been the part that has driven me. Any playable mechanic I’ve tried draping over it tended to be overshadowed by the weight of technology in the papery side. Eventually I thought, just because I’ve been calling it a game, does it have to be a game?

I’m not sure what to do with the desktop version. It looks utterly gorgeous on a powerful graphics card, but the sat-at-a-desk experience is a harder sell. There's an Oculus Rift build that's pretty cool, and I’ll probably upload that as a curiosity. The standard desktop build doesn’t really make sense without a solid free folding experience.


So there you go. Folding Paper. It’s on iPhone and iPad, and it has a website at


One more thing! As a special reward to you, person who read this far / accidentally scrolled down, I’ve also included a sneaky preview of the sandbox features. If you launch Folding Paper by typing bluecomb://secrets into the browser on your device, you’ll have access to free folding and so on. It’ll be a bit buggy and frustrating and will probably crash. You lucky people!