I thought I should make a video of folding a complete crane in one take. It shows the current state of the code, glitches and all. Still lots left on the todo list, particularly the settling & intersection physics.

I only take it as far as the flat model - the UI for posing it in 3D is still debug only.

The turning over effect is new from last week. In my original plan, turning the model completely over was done as an ordinary fold pulled all the way. This had the advantage of simplicity and didn't require any hated gestures, UI or tutorials. Unfortunately it turned out to be annoyingly cumbersome - particularly in well folded models with lots of flaps to gather up. For the new system, I've changed the navigation system. Previously, dragging the worksurface moved the camera. Now it turns the whole model over, and moving the camera is achieved with an alternate drag (two fingers on a touch device, right click on a mouse).

Moving the camera is something which I'd like the player to not have to do at all (and I'm still finessing that side of things), so pushing it down in priority makes sense. The next thing I need to do is some user testing to see how discoverable the turn drag is. Turning by pulling a fold still works (as well as it did before), so it's an easy win.

I'm certainly enjoying the new system. Playing around with folds is much more fun now - I realise that before, as the need to turn the model over approached, I was getting a sinking feeling that was spoiling the experience. Now the joy is back.