I decided to take the plunge and release the iPad version of Ancient Frog on iPad launch day. It's a bit of a risk - I'm really not comfortable releasing something that I haven't seen running on the actual target hardware - but I thought it would be more likely to get noticed if it was in at the beginning. It also did me good to have a tight and immovable deadline to work towards. It's very hard to buckle down and finish a game, even one that's supposedly already finished, and the launch deadline forced me to finally decide what's in and what's out, and to polish off all the loose ends. To massacre a metaphor.

I did leave some stuff out. There's supposed to be interactive water, but I was worried about the performance, so that's waiting for my iPad to turn up. (It was a bit of a saga in itself, getting one shipped out to New Zealand, but it's finally FedExing its way across the Pacific.) As soon as I've plugged in all the missing stuff and buffed up the performance, I'll be releasing a lovely update.

I called the iPad version Ancient Frog HD. This may have been a mistake - the HD suffix has been applied to a lot of iPhone titles that have been lazily up-rezzed with no regard to the different form factor and demands of the iPad. I like to think that Ancient Frog HD is a significant upgrade to the original title (it certainly took a significant amount of time & effort), and I'm not sure that's the message that people are getting.

It had a little feature in 'what's hot' for the first week, which produced reasonable sales. However, the iPad app store is already crowded, and the user base is still much smaller than the iPhone, so I'm hoping for a nice steady slow burner.

If you're lucky enough to have an iPad, you can check it out on iTunes here.