Some good news for Ancient Frog this month.

It was honourably mentioned twice in the IGF Mobile awards - Best Mobile Game Design, and Achievement In Art. I only just missed the deadline for submitting last year, which is why it's appearing here so late. (Interestingly, Ancient Frog was out on the App Store shortly before Zen Bound, one of last year's winners. They clearly had a working build earlier than I did. I remember I was in a tearing hurry to get something out the door before Dylan was born, and pretty much released as soon as the levels were ready.)

I've also been nominated in the IMGA awards - under Excellence In Design.

It's nice getting this recognition - particularly the categories I'm falling into. I'm an old (old, old) school game programmer, and was always one for getting my teeth into every part of the creation of a game. Towards the end of my time in the mainstream games industry I'd been pushed further and further into a narrow niche, until I was just a middle-manager with a team of programmers to look after. Getting nominated for 'art' and 'design' awards helps take some of the bad taste of those times away.