At about the time Ancient Frog came out, I started a new job for 4 days a week. I'd always assumed Frog would would be a slow burner if it burned at all, and the early app store gold rush hoopla had pretty much passed me by, so a bit of steady income seemed like a good idea. The job involved creating museum digital interactives, which I'd done before and enjoyed, and working for a guy I'd worked for before and liked.

As it turned out, Ancient Frog was featured by Apple and so made the majority of its sales in the first couple of months, and the museum job turned out to be a bit more workaday than I'd hoped. And the trouble with working for someone you like is that you can't just tell them to take their job and shove it when you decide it's not to your liking.

So what with one thing and another, I've been looking forward to the time when I'd be free of external obligations and able to jump back into the games. That time has finally arrived. I spent the day working on the core technology for my new game.

Spring has arrived in my adopted hemisphere, and I do enjoy a new beginning.