1.07 was so long in Apple QA that I'd finished a nice clutch of UI improvements by the time it came out. I decided to push it through immediately, to see what would happen if I got out an update while the boost in visibility was still in effect from the previous one - whether there'd be any advantage to it. As it turned out, it got buried in the mass of updates they got through while clearing the decks for the 4th of July (apparently some sort of cause for celebration in the US), so it didn't really do me any good.

1.08 fixes some nasty flickering that could happen when turning the page in the UI, improves performance (or at least battery life), and adds better feedback to the buttons. The buttons in the game started life on a mouse-based machine, and they didn't give terribly good feedback when deprived of a mouse hover condition. This meant you could be left wondering whether you'd actually pressed them or whether the game had hung or what. Now there's a glow effect that pops up the moment they activate, and stays there if the game has to lurch for a moment loading data. It's something that really should have been in from the start. Better late than never.

I haven't started on the next update, but there will be one. It seems to be the most successful way to keep the game visible. Downloads of Ancient Frog LE show a step up followed by mathematically perfect logarithmic decay after an update. (Downloads of Ancient Frog itself are low enough that the noise spoils the perfection of the curve.)