1.07 - The Hints Version - has been languishing in Apple QA for a while now. I guess they're snowed under with 3.0 / 3GS business.

In the end I went for a system which offers hints via a question mark in the top left corner, but it only appears when you've taken significantly more than the par moves, or reset the puzzle. You can make it appear immediately from a button in the daisy menu. The idea is that if you're doing fine you won't be bothered by it. If you're struggling, you're offered some help.

There's a couple of levels where the frog's feet can get in the way of the hint button. I make the button disappear in these cases. It's not ideal, but I'm hoping that in actual use nobody will encounter this limitation. If I'd designed the button in from the start, I'd have just dropped the levels that clash, but I don't want to go removing content from installed games.

Pressing the hint button once gives you an intermediate goal position to aim for. Pressing it again gives the best move to take next. Pressing it a third time hides the hint.

Once you've reached the hint position, it disappears. If you still need help, you have to press the button again. I'll just have to see if this works in the wild - it may be that when people turn to the button for help, they want to be led through the entire solution. I'm assuming they only want a kick in the right direction.

If you've taken a hint during the game, you won't get a yellow flower in the garden, even if you come in with a perfect score.

I'm curious to see how this version fares. If you have any opinions on it, I'd love an email or blog comment about it. (Or just write an app store "* - why dose this app evan exist?" review.)

Meanwhile, 1.07 has been in QA so long that I'm nearly ready with 1.08. There's a bunch of niggly performance / feedback stuff that I've finally got round to fixing, which should make the buttons feel more responsive (and in some cases actually be more responsive).