I had a bit of a jump in sales. It took me a couple of days to work out why (please, Apple, give me some stats!) - Ancient Frog has reappeared in 'What we're playing' on the App Store. So I thought I'd take advantage of that and the bump I expect to get from 1.06 coming out, and put it on sale. See if I can ride it up the charts a bit and make it stick for while.

I've dropped it to $2.99. Of course, I could just make 40% less income now.

I won't keep it on sale for long - and it'll be very short if it doesn't look like the volume is making up for the drop - because I don't see how such a low price can be justified in the long term. Still, the App Store has surprised me before - when I started work on Ancient Frog, I never imagined it going for $5, still less breaking even at that price.